Every Day is a Journey

Every Day is a Journey is a Synergistic Cinema project, a story with no predetermined arc told in six chapters, written and directed by six distinct Seattle-area filmmakers.  This innovative storytelling technique required each director and his team to use the characters and story threads introduced by the previous chapter to continue the story. Before each director could begin work on his own chapter, all of the previous chapters had already screened for audiences at the RAWSTOCK Film Festival, which has showcased boundary-pushing films for the last ten years. EDIAJ begins as the story of small time grifters and yoga enthusiasts, then quickly accelerates into a darkly comedic crime-drama involving numerous kidnappings and unexpected pathos. The result is a 99-minute feature film with a narrative as unpredictable as life itself.

EDIAJ features some of Seattle’s best emerging filmmakers and acting talent, including a breakout performance by Nate Quiroga of Seattle band Iska Dhaaf.  The roster of directors includes Christian Palmer (William Never Married), Justin Freet (I Married A Towel) and Jason Reid (Sonicsgate).

Each Chapter of EDIAJ will be released for FREE ONLINE during successive nights from
Sunday, December 8 through Saturday, December 14 (all @ 7:00 P.M. Pacific Time):

12.08 – Chapter I: The Inner Octopus
Directed by Justin Freet

12.09 – Chapter II: Unrequited Love’s a Bore
Directed by Nik Perleros

12.10 – Chapter III: Damage Control
Directed by WT Russell

12.11- Chapter IV: Let Me Be Yr Drummer
Directed by Christian Palmer

12.12 – Chapter V: The Umpire Got Back
Directed by Jason Reid

12.13 – Chapter VI: Wet Work
Directed by Ian Connors

12.14 - The Complete Feature Film
with a Lost Episode directed by Ben Rapson

PARENTAL ADVISORY: Contains strong language, thematic violence, drug use, brief nudity and adult situations.

“Six directors join cinematic forces… it takes a special kind of storytelling to make a movie about grifters, yoga devotees, drug dealers, gruesome murders, a Dougie dance session, a tender love story and the musical stylings of BOTH Warren G and Kenny G… Each episode is a stand-alone piece, but there’s something special about watching this cinematic chimera in its entirety… viewed as a whole, EDIAJ is bizarre and completely unpredictable.”
– EDIAJ Review in City Arts Magazine

The EDIAJ Collective wrap up an epic filmmaking journey