Fashion Controversial: The Resurgence of Men’s Swimming Briefs

fashion controversial, men’s swimming briefs, also known as “budgie smuglers” in the UK and Australia, are making a tentative return to beaches and pools around the world. While they never completely disappeared from certain European and South American locales, brands like Speedo are now reporting a significant increase in sales and orders for the skimpy swimwear in various regions. This article explores the reasons behind this resurgence and the garment’s enduring appeal.

The Comeback of Men’s Swimming Briefs as Fashion Controversial

Despite having faced controversy and ridicule in the past, men’s swimming briefs are now regaining popularity. Speedo, the original purveyor of this style, has reported a remarkable sales surge in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, with a staggering increase compared to the previous year.In the United States, the brand has seen significant sales growth in recent years, and continued growth is projected for the future. The renaissance of swimwear seems to be a global trend, not just in one region.

Fashion trend towards shorter pants

fashion experts attribute the fashion controversial, the return of men’s swim trunks to a broader trend toward shorter men’s clothing. Well-known designers such as Prada and Dior have embraced the “short cut” style, and the swimsuit seems to be a natural progression of this trend. The men’s swimwear market is booming, offering a wide range and designs, making the return of vintage swimwear even more stunning.

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The practical appeal of the Speedo brief

Kirsty Saddler, Speedo’s Vice President of Global Brand Marketing, emphasizes that Speedo shorts are not only classic and iconic, but extremely practical. Known for their light weight and comfort, they are the perfect choice for swimmers. From recreational swimming to professional sports like water polo and diving, the functional aspect of these briefs has contributed to their continued popularity among fans.

The origin of the letter: duty before fashion

The origin of the swim trunk dates back to 1959, when a visionary designer named Travis joined Speedo. He designed the brief as a functional piece of swimwear to facilitate movement in the water.Originally available in a variety of widths, the shorter 7.5cm style has grown in popularity over time. While some find the panties risqué or provocative, Travis’s intentions are purely for utility purposes, not as a fashion statement.

Chapter: Conflict History

The men’s brief has been controversial throughout history. Attempts were made to regulate beachwear in the early 20th century, with some authorities recommending that men wear long suits with modest skirts.Beachwear inspectors in Australia and the US scrutinized swimwear options, leading to clashes with those who dared to wear shorter styles. However, such controversies ended up bringing free publicity to Speedo, increasing its global sales and acceptance among different demographics.

The 1970s and 1980s: The Reign and Fall of Cowards

In the 1970s and 1980s, swimwear dominated the swimwear market. However, as the grunge era of the ’90s dawned, baggy shorts took center stage, and briefs became a comic staple, relegated to a disguise or relic of the past. Despite the drop in sales, Speedo has retained a loyal following in Australia, where the underwear remains the best-selling product due to its versatility.

Briefs in the Modern Fashion Landscape

Today, men’s swimming briefs are experiencing a revival, appealing to a wide range of individuals of all ages. Speedo argues that their resurgence can be attributed to the adaptability of the style, making them suitable for both mature men in St. Tropez and partygoers on the beaches of Ibiza. Moreover, even elite swimmers like Olympic champions Caeleb Dressel and Adam Peaty choose to wear briefs during training sessions for their exceptional comfort and practicality.

Embracing the Brief: A Machismo Majesty

Fashion experts believe that wearing men’s swimming briefs is not about having a perfect body, but rather embracing confidence and owning the style.Regardless of body type, the garment exudes a certain masculine majesty, bringing strength to the man who chooses to wear it. The renaissance of briefs marks a celebration of body-positive attitudes and diverse swimwear options.


The once controversial and discontinued men’s swimsuit is now making a comeback in the fashion world. Their practicality, comfort and adaptability have captured the hearts of a new generation of beachgoers. Proving their enduring appeal as fashion trends evolve, these briefs shatter stereotypes and continue to hold a special place in swimwear fashion for years to come.