L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Les Nus Intense Lipstick

ponedeljek, november 07, 2022

Some time in the past L’Oreal launched a number of 12 nude coloration Les Nus, which they are saying have “an intense, easy and creamy method”. You could take into account that a yr two ahead of they launched matte nude lipsticks (Colour Riche Matte Unfastened The Nudes), certainly one of which I additionally personal and it is a nice high quality lipstick. I noticed this coloration on one of the most few blogs that also do swatches and sought after it instantly, because it gave the look of the very best nude and it is has certainly transform my staple. 

Texture & end: Components is top quality, it feels so well-made and has nice pigmentation. It is creamy, relaxed and easy, up to now it is be best possible non-matte lipstick I have attempted. End is satin-creamy, so no longer very glossy, yet some distance from matte and this method fits dry lips as properly. 

Color: 173 Nu Impertinent is a wonderful my-lip-but-better coloration for my pores and skin tone and I simply find it irresistible as it seems so herbal and defines the lips. It is a few part a coloration lighter than my favorite lip liner Essence’s Large Proposal that I have been the use of for shaping my lips for a couple of years now (coloration is discontinued, yet I stocked up ahead of it used to be long past) and when I searched all the drugstore, swatching the entirety to seek out one thing an identical in a lipstick shape – seems all I needed to do it give it a yr or two and I’m going to to find what I need.  

Endurance: It lasts longer than maximum creamy lipsticks I have attempted, particularly with regards to nude coloration. It might live on non-greasy meals most commonly intact, besides the place it wipes off it is not that glaring on me as a result of it is very on the subject of my herbal lip color.

Odor: This method has a special smell than I am used to from L’Oreal, it is roughly synthetic berry fruity as an alternative of the violet smell that I do know many dislike (I love it and roughly pass over it on this method). 

Packaging: a regular plastic square-ish L’Oreal tube. The lipstick is minimize in a captivating form, despite the fact that I would not say that makes the applying any higher.

Value and availability: It is about 13 € in drugstore, despite the fact that I were given it some time in the past and costs went up since. It is less expensive in on-line retail outlets. 


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