Prada Partners with Chinese Women’s Football Team

Luxury brand Prada has ignited a social media frenzy in China with its recent collaboration announcement. They collaborate with the country’s women’s national soccer team as Prada Partners. Accompanied by a photo showcasing the team dressed, Prada stated that it aimed to provide the team with a “fresh, modern image” ahead of the FIFA World Cup.

Enthusiastic Reception and Empowering Vibes

Prada partners reveal quickly went viral on Weibo, a popular microblogging site, garnering over 300 million views. It temporarily became a top trending topic on the platform. Social media users are also expressing their excitement and support for the team’s new look. Moreover, Comments flooded in, highlighting the empowering nature of the collaboration. They give statements like “Queens wear Prada” and mentions of girl power.

From Scandals to Success: Prada Finds the Right One as Prada Partners

Weibo users were quick to connect Prada’s choice of partners with recent controversies involving the brand’s famous Chinese ambassadors. The state-run tabloid Global Times referred to these incidents as a “curse of the door-bearer.”. The hashtag #PradaFinallyGotTheRightOne gained over 100 million views on Weibo, signaling a shift in sentiment toward the brand.

The controversies involved Prada severing ties with actress Zheng Shuang in 2021 due to allegations of abandoning surrogate children. Another incident from former ambassador Cai Xukun. Social media users acknowledged that Prada shouldn’t bear the blame for these personal problems. They should express support for the collaboration with the women’s soccer team.


Constructive Criticism and Expectations

While many welcomed the collaboration, some users voiced their opinions about the team’s attire, perceiving it as too conventionally masculine. They felt that Prada could have done better in creating a design more suitable for women. Constructive criticism was shared, emphasizing that Prada has the potential to offer more innovative and feminine styles to empower girls.

Rebounding Sales in China and Positive Market Outlook

Both Prada and its parent company LVMH have reported a strong recovery in sales. They announced a 22% increase in regional sales in the Asia-Pacific region for the first quarter of 2023. Although specific data for China was not provided, the brand expressed optimism about the country’s market, stating that operations were returning to a growth trajectory.

A Look Ahead: The Chinese Women’s Football Team’s Journey as Prada Partners

As the Chinese women’s team prepares for the upcoming FIFA World Cup, they will face Denmark, Haiti, and European champions England in the group stage. The team’s training attire and jerseys have been designed by Nike, drawing inspiration from phoenix-inspired embellishments and a cloud motif symbolizing good luck.

By collaborating with the Chinese women’s national soccer team, They has not only generated significant buzz but also demonstrated its commitment to empowering women in the realm of sports. As the team takes the field, all eyes will be on their performance and their fresh, modern image enhanced by the renowned luxury brand.