Warm Up: Celebrity-Approved Hot Cocoa Nails

As fall brings its coziness, hot cocoa nails are sweeping the fashion and cosmetic industry. This style has dazzled runways and celebrities’ nails with its warmth and richness. Let’s explore the history of this adorable nail trend that’s sweeping the beauty world.

Lily James Sets the Stage for 2022

The hot cocoa nails trend began in 2022 when Lily James stunned at the Emmys. Lily James started a nail fad by wearing Chanel’s Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in 957 Impulsion, a rich chocolate brown.

Selena Gomez: Trendcaster Approved Hot Cocoa Nails

In June 2023, Selena Gomez posted a photo of her nails dipped in a milky brown tint like hot chocolate, which boosted the trend. The post showed Selena’s fashion sense and cemented hot cocoa nails as a fashion staple.

Chrome-infused Elegance: Hailey Bieber’s Signature Twist

Hailey Bieber is sleek and trendy. Hailey added chromium to hot cocoa nails for her distinctive aesthetic. Warmth and metallic sophistication blended brilliantly. Hailey’s nail artist Zola Ganzorigt has released the breakdown for others wanting to copy her manicure. Mixing DND’s Coffee Bean and Spiced Brown gel colors (or either) with OPI’s Chrome Effects in Tin Man Can is the key.

Shay Mitchell and Kourtney Kardashian Join

Celebrities embraced hot cocoa nails more in 2023. Shay Mitchell posted a selfie with the adorable nail trend and a Béis bag in January. Fans and fashionistas were immediately charmed by the rich brown nails and trendy accessories.

Kardashian, always a fashion statement maker, posted her chocolate-hued nails on her social media stories. The event? Supporting Hailey Bieber’s latest rhode launch. The nails can fit any lifestyle or event, as Kourtney’s looked almost as delicious as her strawberry-glazed donut.

Korean singer Kim Chaewon Joins the Craze of Hot Cocoa Nails

Kim Chaewon of K-pop girl group LE SSERAFIM posted a mirror photo with hot coca nails, emphasizing their global appeal. Kim Chaewon demonstrated nails’ adaptability by adding a cool-toned twist to milky brown with silver diamonds. Its adaptability to numerous tones and styles makes the trend suitable for varying tastes.

Favorite Nail Polishes and Press-Ons

Fall is here, and the nails are already a celebrity favorite. If you want to join the trendsetters and add warmth to your fall aesthetic, try these nail paints and press-ons for hot chocolate nails. Deep chocolate to milky brown, the selections are as varied as your fall day need for hot cocoa.

In conclusion, hot chocolate nails are now a symbol of warmth, refinement, and worldwide appeal. The trend will become a classic for nail enthusiasts as celebs continue to wear it. Hot cocoa nails let you show your personal style in the most pleasant way, whether you like classic elegance or a trendy, metallic touch.