Kenny Xepher Deo: Tips to Get Good at Rubick

The skilled Dota 2 player from Indonesia, Kenny “Xepher” Deo, tells all about how he learned to master Rubick, his best hero. The Grand Magus, Rubick, is known for making games that look good and are hard to beat. A pro support player named Xepher gives you five simple tips that will help you get better at Rubick and cast magic like a pro in no time. Let’s learn from Xepher’s experience and find out what this exciting hero is hiding.

Kenny Xepher Deo: Be Smart: Know Your Matchups

It’s cool to pick Rubick, but picking the right partners is much more important. And Xepher says that heroes like Brewmaster and Centaur Warrunner should guard Rubick, who is soft. Watch out for heroes like Riki and Lycan who can sneak up on the Grand Magus and kill him.

Kenny Xepher Deo: Things are important: Aether Lens first, then Blink Dagger

Take a look at Aether Lens first because it is flexible. When you use Telekinesis, the longer range can catch foes off guard. The next item is the Blink Dagger, which is great for catching sneaky opponents or easily moving lanes. Force Staff shouldn’t be the first item you use. It works better as the second, especially against heroes like Riki or Sven.

Farm Smart: Seeking Balance Between Greed and Help

Get some farm by moving lanes or getting kills to get Aether Lens and Blink Dagger. Remember that you’re a helper, so don’t take anyone else’s farm. When you get close to core items, be a little greedy, but don’t forget your support tasks, like buying wards.

How to Spell Steal in Style: Making the Most of Rubick’s Potential

Ruby’s secret tool is Spell Steal. During rest, you can steal any enemy power. It doesn’t have to be a big ultimate. Get magic that clear creep waves in a game with a lot of farms. Be smart during fights; know which spell to steal and wait for the right time. The Aether Lens and Blink Dagger make it easier for you to break spells.

Kenny Xepher Deo: That Big Choice: To Black Hole or Not to Black Hole?

It’s important to know when to steal a big ultimate, like Black Hole from Enigma. It’s sometimes enough to just threaten to steal it to make the enemy think twice. If the Enigma is afraid of Rubick, they might not use Black Hole, which is good for your team. Even though it’s cool to steal big ultimates, sometimes it’s just as useful to steal stuns or slows.

To sum up, shine bright like Rubick

You’re on your way to becoming a Rubick dota 2 pro thanks to Xepher’s expert tips. Know your opponents, put Aether Lens and Blink Dagger at the top of your list, find a balance between greed and support tasks, plan how you’ll steal spells, and make smart choices when it comes to big ultimates. Go out there, do Holyslots88, show your enemies how smart the Grand Magus is!