Riot Games Vs Moonton: Sues Mobile Legends for Theft

Riot Games Vs Moonton, the company that made the popular game League of Legends, is in court with Shanghai Moonton Technology, the company that made Mobile Legends. Two of the biggest names in video games are suing each other for copyright violations. Riot Games says Moonton is “blatantly copying.”

Riot Games Vs Moonton: The Strong Words of Riot

The company Riot Games, which is owned by Tencent Holdings, didn’t hold back. It’s said that Moonton’s “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang” is an obvious copy of their own mobile game, “League of Legends: Wild Rift.” Because Riot Games doesn’t think this is okay, they’ve sued Moonton to stop what they call a “deliberate and sustained campaign.”

Riot Games Vs Moonton: The Chronicles of Copycats: Specific Examples

Claim About Riot’s Timeline

Riot Games says Moonton has been making mobile games that look like League of Legends since 2015. It’s not a one-time thing; Riot says Moonton copied their marketing materials and ads every time they made changes to their game.

A Well-Known Tune for Promotional Videos

Moonton put out an esports movie called “All Star 2022” on YouTube on April 25, 2022. Riot Games says the music in the video “almost exactly” copied from Riot’s own 2015 “Welcome to Planet Urf” video. It’s easy to come up with fakes here.

Copying and pasting in movies: trailers

Riot Games says Moonton is to blame for putting out cinematic and hero trailers that look a lot like Riot Games’ own previews. It’s not just the games themselves that are being looked at; even the marketing materials are.

Riot Games Vs Moonton: Logo Legacies: Taking Riot’s Look

the company changed the look of their League of Legends badge in 2019. Riot says that Moonton changed their logo in September 2020 to look like Riot Games’ new logo. Before that, Moonton’s logo looked a lot like Riot Games’ old logo. Riot Games says the similarity is more than just an accident.

Ahri and Guinevere are at odds with each other.

The Company doesn’t agree with Moonton’s claims that he copied original figures. They talk about the character Ahri, who came out in League of Legends in November 2018 and in Wild Rift in October 2020. Riot Games says that Moonton’s star Guinevere, who came out in April 2022, looks exactly like Ahri. Riot Games says that the similarities are too close for comfort when it comes to everything from color schemes to powers.

A Battle of Legends

The fight between Riot Games and Moonton is getting worse, and people are accusing each other of copying games. The whole gaming community and SLOT SERVER THAILAND is waiting to see how this copyright case turns out. The result could change how games use ideas from other games in the future. This fight isn’t just between two game designers; it’s a fight of the gods.