Dua Lipa Sues Again Over Levitating

Pop star Dua Lipa appears to be in for a long legal battle. The artist is being sued for a third time because of her song “Levitating.” On Monday, Los Angeles musician Bosko Kante filed a copyright action against Dua Lipa and Warner Music Group for an unspecified amount of money, claiming that they had utilized a recording Kante had recorded with his talk box without permission. The song “Levitating” by Dua Lipa from her upcoming album “Future Nostalgia” is expected to be a huge hit.

The Charges

There was allegedly an oral agreement between Bosko Kante and the song’s producers that his chat box recording could only be used in the original version of “Levitating” and not in any remixes, which the producers then violated by using it in their later versions. Kante says that multiple remixes of the song, including one with The Blessed Madonna and a blockbuster remix with rapper DaBaby, as well as a performance by Dua Lipa at the American Music Awards, all exploited his music without permission. Kante is demanding over $20 million in compensation for the alleged copyright violation.

Attempts at a Resolution That Failed

According to Billboard, Kante’s attorneys claim their client made many attempts to settle the dispute out of court, but that neither Dua Lipa nor Warner Music Group would cooperate or accept responsibility for the illegal use of Kante’s work. The complaint claims that without permission, all three “Levitating” remixes used substantial portions of Kante’s talk box performance.

Reaction from Dua Lipa

Representatives for Dua Lipa have not commented on the situation as of yet. How the singer and her legal team respond to these charges in court remains to be seen.

Talk Box Master: Bosko Kante

When it comes to the talk box, an equipment that allows players to alter the sound of an instrument and apply speech-like noises, Bosko Kante is widely regarded as one of the best in the world. The likes of Kanye West and Big Boi have benefitted from his talk box stylings. Kante created ElectroSpit in 2014 to market a digital speaking box that he had developed.

Preceding Judicial Proceedings

For the second time, the term “Levitating” is at the focus of a court case. When Dua Lipa’s “Levitating” was released in March 2022, the Florida reggae band Artikal Sound System accused her of ripping off the song’s main hook, which was first included in the band’s 2017 single “Live Your Life.” A judge’s ruling that Dua Lipa and the producers of “Levitating” did not have access to the band’s previous music, a necessary ingredient in a copyright infringement claim, led to the band dropping the lawsuit in June 2023.

Songwriters L Russell Brown and Sandy Linzer have another case pending from 2022. It has been claimed that Dua Lipa stole the tune of her song “Levitating” from the creators of the 1979 song “Wiggle and Giggle All Night” and the 1980 song “Don Diablo.” Dua Lipa’s legal team has claimed that their client was unaware of the existence of either of the aforementioned works before writing “Levitating.”

Consequences for Dua Lipa’s Profession

Dua Lipa’s career and reputation are on the line as a result of these court proceedings. The outcome of these cases might have far-reaching effects for her artistic integrity and financial status as one of the most recognized musicians in the music business.


The music industry is waiting for the conclusion of the copyright infringement accusations while the legal struggle over “Levitating” continues. Dua Lipa’s future in the cutthroat music industry hinges on her ability to successfully manage the ongoing legal processes in which she is now involved.